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Conscious Parenting

Skype, Zoom, Telephone or Personal Sessions


The journey of my parenting is something that has evolved, and it continues to do so. The very core of it is to parent from the heart. 

This means parenting in the way that is in align with yours and your child’s heart. It is a team effort, which requires us as the adults and parents to be attuned to our children. 

To listen and to respect, to learn and to grow. I am passionate about parenting from the heart and also supporting others in doing just the same. As with all things that come from the heart it means doing things differently from the conforming influences around us. 

I remember before my son was born that the books close to hand were prescriptive and a number of professionals were the same. There is no formula for heart centred parenting that can be found in a manual or book. 

Your parenting evolves with the child’s growth. Society can be a few steps behind, but the awakened parenting movement is growing. 

I understand when you are tired from a sleepless night with your baby, and a well-meaning friend or relative gives you their advice that is traditional. It can feel so isolating and when you are exhausted their voices can seem so loud. 


You look at your baby and know in your heart that what you are doing is right for them; you just need some support. Someone who understands your parenting journey and someone who embraces your heart centred journey. 

In my phone sessions, I offer you support and a listening ear. I have been where you are, and I know that the voices in your head, which are conforming voices, they shout at you. The gentle sound of your child’s whispers, it whispers from your heart. 

I was put on a very transformative path when I became a mother, and it altered my life completely. I was given little ‘gifts’ on my path, the right book, the right conversation with the right person. They helped me when I just so needed some signs I was on the right track. 

To book an appointment, contact me directly and let us discuss the support you require and we will move forwards from there. 


  • The ear of mother who has walked your path, knowing the truth my heart spoke but surrounded by numerous societal voices meant a lot of anxiety. I KNOW WHERE YOU ARE. 
  • Understanding, and tools to take with you after the session. 
  • As an energy worker I bring this to your session, healing is not restricted to physically being with the practitioner. 
  • Access to other support networks and positive resources that are relevant to your parenting journey.
  • When we speak our truth it heals us, it brings peace and courage to step back into our day. 
  • Someone who is available for your remarkable parenting journey. 
  • Sharing of the highs and lows 
  • A loving caring space, with a very real conscious parent.

Prepare for your Session

As a parent time is of the essence, so deep preparation time may not be practical. So say a little prayer to your guidance system, state “This session is for me, to renew, relax, let go and strengthen my courage to match the vibration of my heart”. If you have more time, light a candle or use some incense. There is no right or wrong, the universe knows your intention and mine. The best will occur for your highest good.



Please give at least 24 hours notice if you would like to cancel your appointment. Cancellations made after the minimum notice period are non-refundable. 

Once you have booked your Skype Session session, I will contact you to make an appointment.