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The time is coming for us all to shine with our own light, our own glow. In my page, you will see the work I have done. Shamanic training, Reiki 3, Reflexology, Massage, Yoga. Psychic reader. All of these are just words, titles if they are not integrated into the being. So I ask you to see them but then step beyond them. 

Beyond them is where I sit, a spirit in a human body, the same as you. The teachings I have absorbed were the ones most in line with me and the ones that opened the door to my authentic self. My mission statement regarding the service I am offering is a deep connection time, a sacred space for you to receive. 

To receive what? Time to connect with who you truly are. By supporting you in shifting stuck energy that is blocking and holding you back, you can then enter into your glow and empower yourself, reclaim that vital energy and spark which is you.. I can feel and work with energy, and this means I can give you the best possible link in the time you choose to connect with me. 

So in a session, you will talk, I will listen, I will then ground you in the now. So that no matter what is going on with you, what you are facing or feeling, it is in the placing of an individual in the present moment that the energy can genuinely shift and release. 

Sessions with anyone are precious, and you are saying you matter, you are saying “I am ready to receive”. For you to get the most from a session, you must be ready to step up, step up and take your place. There is not one person who waves a magic wand, and all is well, except you. 

So when you contact me know I will hold the space, I will support you, I will listen, I will give you tools and help you release. It is you that reclaims. 

I have had many experiences in life, so I can understand where you come from, what is happening to you and how you feel. I have also learnt the ‘process’. What process? The one to self-healing, the one where you understand what is happening and why. 

There is a massive energetic shift, and with it, it is calling to people, people to step up and be authentically them. To step beyond fears, blocks, patterns, cycles which no longer serve. 

When you connect with me, you access every book I have read, every course I have been on, every practitioner I have worked with, every life experience I have transformed. 

I offer a free 15-minute conversation so you can decide for yourself if you wish to work with me. Then sessions are £30 for a 1-hour session on the phone or via Skype. So contact me for more information. 




To book, find links below. 




  • An energetic link will occur between us, so be prepared for this and allow this to work for the highest good. 
  • A letting go process. When you talk with me and open up, letting go is a natural response, there may be a deep response; depending on that which you are opening up to heal. 
  • Relief will be a huge part of the time together, talking to someone who knows how you feel and is there to support you. You breath a sigh of relief. 
  • Tools will be given so you have these when our session has finished.
  • To embrace change and letting go there is the time and space to release many experiences and stuck emotions. With this release I will support you ‘post the session with post session care advice’. 
  • In opening up to the path of respecting and working with your authentic self, every response and emotion you will feel. I will have walked before and can be here to guide you. 
  • Moving beyond specific experiences and freeing your energy and heart, to allow each memory and each wound to be seen as part of the tapestry of your life. Peace for your past. 
  • You will be given many lessons I have learnt from my own healing path.

Prepare for your Session

Allow some quiet time before the session, to prepare yourself energetically for it. Whether that is to light a candle, do some deep breathing, meditate or take a walk outside. It sets the intention for the session, being about you, not about others or outside circumstances.



Please give at least 24 hours notice if you would like to cancel your appointment. Cancellations made after the minimum notice period are non-refundable. 

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Once you have booked your Skype Session session, I will contact you to make an appointment.