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Sally Saint

Healing • Energy • Art




Empowering sessions

Skype/zoom/telephone or in person session

An empowering session consists of us energetically connecting with each other, where I support you in opening up and hearing your own inner voice. That which is always there for you, and is accessible at all times, if we can re attune ourselves to its energetic frequency.



Skype/zoom/telephone or in person Session

Conscious Parenting is for all, whether you are a parent or not, the most important relationship you have is parenting yourself first and foremost. Then as you journey in life and become a parent to another little being it is vital to stay connected with your heart and parent from this sacred space.  I am here offering a heart to heart time with me. I understand and know your path, open up and share with me your dreams, your pain,your tiredness and your joy. I will walk with you. Together we can strengthen your instinctual parenting journey.



My art is created from my heart, I feel that which is around and within me. I allow the creation to appear on the paper before me, each of my pieces is unique. So see the diversity of the work and acknowledge it reflects your own innate ability to create in technicolor from the soul.




I write about my experiences, and each piece comes from the heart. There is an absolute desire and passion within me to share my knowledge, to support others. I feel it is part of my life purpose to pass on what I have learnt; writing can achieve this.

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